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Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision is performed using Alcon’s WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser Systems, combined with the WaveLight Topolyzer Vario Diagnostic Device. This laser is capable of capturing extremely detailed maps of the cornea, using 22,000 data points. This information is used to analyze aberrations and corneal abnormalities, allowing LASIK surgeons to perform a more personalized laser procedure, based on the unique corneal topography of the patient’s individual eye.



This technology provides LASIK outcomes that are predictable and precise. The majority of patients who undergo LASIK using Contoura enjoy post-LASIK vision better than 20/20.

With LASIK, your ophthalmologist creates a small flap in the front portion of your cornea by gently separating the tissue. The corneal flap is then folded back.

Once the flap is lifted to one side, laser energy is applied for a few seconds to a minute or so to reshape the cornea. Then, the corneal flap is returned to its original position, where it adheres naturally.

After the procedure, the reshaped cornea focuses light more accurately on the retina.