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Medical Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Michigan's most trusted LASIK specialist is Dr. Steven Zeldes, M.D. As a testament to his dedication to patients, he personally handles both pre-operative and post-operative LASIK consultations for surgical patients. Michigan LASIK Patients of Dr. Zeldes, know him as a caring and gifted Lasik Surgeon who prioritizes their eye health and vision. He has performed over 10,000 Lasik surgeries and has extensive experience with the recently improved Lasik procedure called Contoura Vision.


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Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, or LASIK, is an outpatient surgical procedure that treats myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.


A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s naturally clear lens. The lens focuses light rays on the retina – the layer of light-sensing cells lining the back of the eye – to produce a sharp image of what we see.


We’ll help you get the frames you want and the prescription you need, at an affordable price. We’re also here to help with contact lenses for every need.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is characterized by a loss of focus in the center of the visual field, often while leaving peripheral vision intact.

Diabetic Eye Conditions

Diabetic eye conditions affect the vast majority of long-term diabetic patients, and can contribute to significant sight loss if not treated properly.


If not treated properly, glaucoma can result in permanent loss of sight and even total blindness. Fortunately, with proper diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Zeldes can help prevent further damage to your optic nerve.

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Order your contacts on our website. If you choose curbside pickup, give us a call from the parking lot, and we will walk your contacts to you. We sell contact brands like Acuvue, Bausch and Lomb, Air Optix, Clariti, Coopervision, and My Dailies. Cash, credit card, paypal, or vision insurances are accepted. We are doing […]
We know your eye care has been put on hold during the pandemic, but the health of your eyes is essential! Following CDC guidelines, Zeldes Eye Center is open for your eye care needs.  Be confident that we have put into place numerous protocols to protect all patients and staff.  We request you wear a mask, […]
Congratulations to Steven Zeldes, M.D. of Zeldes Eye Center on being named one of Hour Detroit’s 2019 TOP DOCS through his work at Beaumont and DMC Hospitals! Top doctors are nominated exclusively by M.D.s and D.O.s in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, and Livingston counties. Winning physicians are not selected by any member of the Hour […]
Dr. Steven Zeldes uses an innovative technology called the ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) System with VerifEye, which continuously monitors the measurements of a patient’s eye during cataract surgery. This incredibly accurate, real-time display of a patient’s eye provides Dr. Zeldes with an unprecedented level of valuable information that allows him to customize each patient’s procedure […]
Considering Lasik? Here’s a new surgical option – Contoura Vision. Contoura® Vision is a topography-guided LASIK surgery recently approved by the FDA, making it the newest LASIK eye surgery technology available in the U.S. This new technology provides surgeons a greater degree of personalization. Dr. Zeldes, M.D., is a Medical Board Certified Ophthalmologist, meaning he has successfully completed tests administered by […]
Dr Zeldes discusses quality management in Health Care.
Dr. Steven Zeldes is pleased to offer BlephEx to his patients in his West Bloomfield ophthalmology practice. BlephEx is an amazing technology that treats Blepharitis, a chronic inflammatory disease of the eyelids caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria that live along the eyelid. Blepharitis is often the precursor to more severe eyelid diseases, such […]
Dr. Steven Zeldes describes his experience with Google Glass and explores ways in which it could enhance electronic medical record workflow.