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Dr. Zeldes Offers ORA Cataract Surgery

Dr. Zeldes Offers ORA Cataract Surgery

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Dr. Steven Zeldes uses an innovative technology called the ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) System with VerifEye, which continuously monitors the measurements of a patient’s eye during cataract surgery. This incredibly accurate, real-time display of a patient’s eye provides Dr. Zeldes with an unprecedented level of valuable information that allows him to customize each patient’s procedure to give them the best visual outcome.

How does the ORA™ System work? The ORA™ System assesses your eye during cataract surgery, much like a GPS system tracks your progress on the road. With this data, Dr. Zeldes can make real-time adjustments to arrive at a better result.

How will customized cataract surgery enhance my outcomes? During a customized procedure your doctor can use the ORA™ System to analyze the state of your eye during the procedure to confirm your vision correction needs.

Does customized cataract surgery cost more? While customized procedures are associated with an increased expense when compared with basic cataract surgery, the investment may help reduce the need for glasses.