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More than 200 million americans today wear some form of corrective lenses. Visit us for an eye exam to find out if we can help you with your vision needs.

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How often and when should I get my eyes checked?

By getting your eyes checked on a regular basis, or when you may think you are having troubles with your vision, you can keep your eyes healthy and stay clear of further complications. Many sight-threatening diseases, if detected early, can be cured or treated to prevent, or slow, the progression of any vision loss.

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Tom Huggler:

Drooping eyelids is a hereditary family trait. The more I aged, the more they drooped, which made reading in bed at night an annoying issue. Finally, I asked my eye doctor, Steven Zeldes, to see if I qualified for blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. I did qualify and made the appointment for treatment. It’s a relatively painless procedure, thanks in no small part to Dr. Zeldes’ experience and skill. Now I can read for hours, much to my wife’s dismay. As an aside, she had blepharoplasty, too, also by Dr. Zeldes, but for some reason still looks younger than I do (she’s 58; I’m 68)!

Tom HugglerPatient



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